Fathom Super 65 Padidinti

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Nova Super 65 Ypač stipri buitinė pirštinė, 9 dydis


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Apie prekę

Product description:latex gloves


Product Series:Nova Super 65
Durability:5 years
Properties:full textured
features:inside velorization
Disposable / reusable:reusable
Length / depth:300 mm
Width:115 mm
Thickness:0.65 mm
certificates:CE, For Food, CAT III
Product or test standards:EN 420, EN 374-1: 2016 Type A AKLMNPST, EN 374-5: 2016, EN 388: 2016 2020X
CE category (personal protective equipment):CAT III
Directives, legislation and regulations:90/128 / ECC
Instructions:Check gloves for defects and defects before using them.
Storage Instructions:Store cool, dry and not in direct sunlight.
Safety regulations and warnings:The glove contains latex proteins. Be aware if users are allergic to the material, if so, change to a glove of another material.
Product Disposal:Should be sorted plastic. If contamination is suspected, the product must be disposed of as clinical waste.
Packaging disposal:Can be recycled or incinerated.

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