Skaidrios Vinilinės pirštinės be pudros 200vnt. Padidinti

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Vinilinės pirštinės S 200 vnt


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Skaidrios Vinilinės pirštinės be pudros 200 vnt


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Skaidrios Vinilinės pirštinės be pudros 200 vnt

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Base name:Disposable glove
Brand:Boisen Safety
Shelf Life:5 years
Technical ingredients:PVC, DINP
Properties:latex free, smooth, low grip, rolled cuff
Features:powder free
Single or multiple use:single use
Length/depth:240 mm
Width:85 mm
Thickness:0,05 mm
Certifications:CE, Food contact materials, CAT I
Product or test standards:EN 420
CE Category (Personal Protective Equipment):CAT I
Directives, regulations and acts:89/686/EEC
Product Description:Disposable glove in vinyl. Smooth surface. Can be used for the handling of non-fatty foods and brief cleaning tasks.
Instructions for use/application:Examine the gloves for flaws and defects before use.
Storage Instructions:Store dry, clean and at room temperature.
Safety Instructions and Warnings:Avoid contact with fatty food products as the plasticizers in the glove can migrate to food during contact. Not approved for medical use. Contains PVC and plasticizers.
Product Disposal Instructions:Sort as plastic. If contaminated dispose off as clinical waste.
Packaging Disposal Instructions:Can be recycled or incinerated.

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