Vending cup, balti, 200ml, 100vnt Padidinti

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Vending cup, balti, 200ml, 100vnt


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Made up of both polystyrene and calcium as the environmental friendly replacement for the original vending cup

Contains less polystyrene, and the addition of calcium gives the cup the same stability and quality.

For hot and cold drinks; liquid tolerance of -10 to +90°C

Fits most cup holders and vending machines



Apie prekę

Apie prekę

Product description:Machine cup
Product Series:Gastro-Line
Material:PS, calcium carbonate
features:antistatic treated
Height:8.7 cm
Diameter:7 cm
Net weight:3.4 g
Volume, net:20 cl
Volume, gross:21 cl
certificates:For food
Directives, legislation and regulations:Food approved according to 1935/2004 / EU
Product Description:Automatic coffee machine for coffee machines in a unique ECO design with low weight and good stability. Designed to fit all vending machines and cup holders.
Instructions for use / use:
Storage Instructions:Keep clean and dry.
Temperature Tolerance:Temperature: -10 ° C to +40 ° C indefinitely. From +41 ° C to +70 ° C for a maximum of 2 hours.
Safety instructions and warnings:Do not use in conventional oven and microwave oven.
Product Disposal Instructions:Can be disposed of with household waste.
Packaging Disposal Instructions:

Can be recycled or incinerated.


100 pieces = 1 package 30 packages = 1 package 18 packages = 1 pallet

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